Unlocking your connection to your soul allows you to create whatever you want...

Someone asked me recently....what is life coaching?

Is it like a personality evaluation, or do you pick an area of life you want to work on together?

Coaching can be just that...but it can be so much more!

The average cookie-cutter type coach might help you gain knowledge of areas of your "personality" or lifestyle that may be holding you back from getting what you want in life.

A decent coach can help you create a breakthrough in one area that causes ripples of change in other areas.

My work does more than that.

I am a guide, a partner in hearing your soul's voice.

Together, we explore what your life really means, who you really want to be at your core, and how you actually want to live.

There are self-expressions that you likely aren't even aware of, that aren't serving you at a high enough level.

They are the coping habits we learned from our families, our friends, our teachers, and our employers.

They protected us when they were new, but now they limit our ability to truly LIVE our best lives.

Many times we are very well-intentioned in our efforts and discipline to achieve something but for "some" reason we never see the result we desire. A coach, a good coach, is able to "see" where behavior is hidden and how it is causing you to not get what you were desiring.
Imagine you are working on a car. You feel you have done all of the check-listed things to do. You get some "response" from the car, like it turns over but won't stay running. You check everything a manual says to do or that you know to do.
But the results are still not what you want the car running properly. A coach is another set of eyes, brain cells, and spirit if you will, that can see beyond the confines of your own efforts and troubleshoot where the "non-working" mechanism might be or is.
Very simple analogy....and again, know a really good coach is not cookie cutter and can really tap into who you are and your desires of achievement in a way that cause seemingly miraculous insight.
Life Coaches can be very much like fitness trainers. Some are really basic and can assist you in the nuts and bolts of what you need to do to build bulk or lose weight. Some though are so talented by their own ability to tap into another person's being, they are able to go beyond just the basic nuts and bolts. I am that type of coach.
Most people know the nuts and bolts of their life...but many are not tapped into their higher self that evades utilizing the nuts and bolts in the proper way or is rebelling against using them at all.