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Take Control Of Your Life

What if I told you there was a powerful and simple way to clear your karmic cr*p and grow, spiritually, emotionally and holistically.

A proven method you can use to move forward in life confidently and with joy and grace . . .

Without spiritual bypassing or needing to struggle and suffer for months (or go on an ayahuasca adventure) . . .

Introducing Tranquility Soul Spa

My unique combination of past life regression therapy and coaching is revolutionary.

Where you are in complete control of your healing journey.

Where you feel safe, secure and supported through the process.

Where you move through your healing much quicker and more easily than most other methods.

It's time for you to:

See how this life’s events and relationships are connected to your healing


Finally, bring understanding and clarity to the issues that keep you going in circles

So you can:

finally unlock your potential

make the source of your problems disappear (as if by magic)

live purposefully and joyfully

If you have unexplained difficulties in your life, I can help!

By connecting your conscious and subconscious mind, you can:

  • stop addictive behaviors,
  • lose weight,
  • conquer your stress, overwhelm & anxiety,
  • improve your self-confidence,
  • reduce or remove your fears and phobias,
  • find a new perspective,
  • and clear up unexplained health issues.

I offer two separate but deeply linked paths to healing

On the first path, we start with a four-session Past Life Regression Therapy program to discover your karmic issues and heal your soul.

On the second path, we start with a four-session One-On-One Coaching program to discover your self-love and self-confidence again and heal your spirit.

In both cases, you’ll start to notice a deep change in your life right away, as we change the way you relate to others. We improve your mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being and anything that no longer serves you will be cleaned up and cleared out.

We discover exactly what is holding you back and release it easily and quickly. When you graduate from my programs, you feel like a different person, living a success-filled life with confidence, joy & grace!

Can you relate?


Do you feel blocked from the spiritual healing, abundance and wealth that you know are waiting for you?


Do you struggle with anxiety, overwhelm, phobias, or fears?


Do you struggle with weight issues, unexplained health problems, or addiction?


Do you struggle with weight issues, unexplained health problems, or addiction?


Do you struggle with your relationships, children, or career?


Do you struggle with perfectionism, martyrdom, or being an adrenaline junky?

It's time!

Don’t waste another precious second of your life waiting for a magical fairy godmother to rescue you. She ain’t coming – but when we finish working together, you won’t need her anyway!

Who am I?

I’m your Personal Transformation ActivatorSherisse Marie.

Women come to me when they’re ready to find their inner joy, balance their energies, and unveil their inner light. Together, we release them from their emotional, mental and spiritual prison, so they can gain the freedom to be their true selves.