You are more than your physical being
Your essential Self, your Soul, is an important part of who you really are
Like a current of energy, your Spirit is all around you, everywhere you go
Embracing your divine Soul allows you to access the juiciest parts of yourself
Your confidence, excitement, joy, and even your contentment
Everything you need is already inside of you, waiting to be set free
You likely suspect you have Guides – angels, spirits, helpers, healers and teachers – who are waiting to assist you at every moment
And you’re right - they are beside you right now, waiting for you to decide that you want them to be part of your life! (Hi Efren!)
They live most of their lives on auto-pilot
They’re unable to hear their Spirit and take inspired action to manifest changes in their lives
They don’t feel their Soul

We hear our intuition’s whispers and understand our spirit guide’s gentle nudges
We feel connected to our Spirit and our Self 
It’s our life source after all
Living your best life can be easy
When you know how to tap into your essence and evolve into a beautiful future
Deep in your bones
You are a divine creature who was meant to thrive
You are meant to walk through life enveloped in light
You can achieve greatness beyond your wildest dreams
It’s time to take my hand and join me on a journey across your lifetimes… past present and future
The journey into living and loving and becoming all you were ever meant to be
To accessing YOUR  SOUL-ULAR knowledge - that can take you beyond a regular, boring life
Into a life that feels alight, aligned and ALIVE
I’ve been on my spiritual journey since I was 1 year old and could see and communicate with my spirit guides
In all that time, I’ve never met a single person who is not intuitive - not one!
But I’ve met a million people who don’t understand how to give themselves permission to trust their inner knowing
You are not alone in your struggle - we all start out in life tuned into our intuition, but culturally, little by little, we’re conditioned to reject it 
Forced to surrender ourselves to external authorities who take our power from us 
Parents, teachers, churches, and “leaders” – they conspired to tell us we were wrong to believe in our truth
They told us – if you want to belong, you have to live life our way, not the way your heart tells you 
That meant we had to abandon ourselves 
And we did
The deeply rooted struggle and pain of ignoring your intuition
The loneliness and exhaustion of feeling disconnected from your soul
The spiritual separation and suffering caused by being unable to hear your spirit
That you're only allowed to follow others blindly
That your intuition is lying to you
That there is no unseen force guiding and protecting you
I was sent here, to this place and in this time, on a healing mission
I believe that when we open our hearts and minds to ourself & our spirit, magic happens
We just need to believe and trust in ourselves
Shed their fears and feel ALIGHT
Fuel their creativity and feel ALIGNED
Regain their confidence and feel ALIVE
Which allows them to have more fun & joy in their everyday lives
I’m committed to creating true leaders, and that means people, just like you, who are finally empowered
finally free – to lead the lives they were born to live
By bringing them back to who they were meant to be
By opening their hearts and connecting them to their Spirits, their Vibes, and their Guides
By growing their intuitive intelligence
So that they can grasp their potential and appreciate the world around them
I specialize in showing you the power of everyday magic.
My spirituality is all about getting to know yourself at a soul-ular level.
I believe in the power of prayer to transform our bodies, our souls, and our minds.
My calling is to help you engage your soul muscles and fully connect with your higher self so that life hacking is no longer necessary.

If you believe in the esoteric world, and want to join a global movement that encourages us to embrace who
we were always meant to be, you're in the right place

That's why I founded Tranquility Soul Spa - as a spa for your SOUL!