It's time to connect with your Soul-Ular Knowledge.
You’ve wasted years waiting for your trauma to fix itself – but nothing has changed.
But, gradually, you're realizing that's not your path to true healing.

Take your healing into your own hands.
To start living your life on your own terms.
To become a happier, healthier, and more confident version of yourself.

Take the Hand the Universe is holding out to you
To start creating the story you deserve. A story of triumph, of growth, of healing, and of love.

We get it. . .you're ready
You’re ready to carve out a future for yourself that you actually WANT to wake up to every day.
You’re ready to work WITH your energies, not against them.
You want to make sure you come out the other side of this life MORE aligned and alive than you were before!

And yet. . .you've tried it all (or so you think)
You’ve done ALL the things you were supposed to do to cleanse this crap from your timeline.
~ You meditated until your butt fell asleep.
~ You journaled until your fingers were cramped.
~ You said affirmations until your voice was hoarse.
~You took all the courses and did everything the “gurus” said you had to do.
And all you got for your trouble was a sore body and a sense that something was missing from the experience. . .

It’s time to try something completely different. 
Revolutionary, even.

Enter The Heal Your Soul Team

medical intuitive + mindset coach = powerful healing tailored especially to meet your specific needs

Here's the deal

At its core, Soul-Ular Healing is all about:
~ healing your body & spirit, 
~ realigning with your soul, and 
~ moving from pain & sorrow to peace & comfort – for good!

Focused intention, consistent action, and divine support are key
It’s about discovering how to live a life you don’t need to escape from – no matter what storms are raging outside your door.
It’s about accessing the power within yourself (even if you don’t believe it’s there)!

Let us teach you to:
~ heal your inner woundings from a place of love and compassion so you can feel peaceful inside yourself
~ collapse the turmoil & trauma timelines so you can experience a calm life
~ stop your self-sabotage & negative self-talk in its tracks so you can hear kindness and supportiveness every day
~ free yourself from guilt and self-blame so you can feel empowered and authentic
and so much more . . .

Do you know how powerful you really are?
No, seriously, you really are an amazing creature, who is capable of awe-inspiring actions.
You just need to believe in yourself and learn how to tap into that part of you that is connected to universal energy - your Spirit!

Let us show you how much easier your life can be!

We see the potential in your Soul and know how to access it. What’s needed is YOUR action. Let’s get you moving towards a life you want to jump out of bed and enjoy every day!

You . . .
are curious about what your future will look like without the trauma drama holding you back
are ready to step out of your comfort zone, and into that brighter tomorrow
are excited to get started

We . . .
are able to hold space for you and support your healing process
are excited to watch you take back control of your life – the control you’ve always had, without realizing it!
are ready to help you step into that brighter tomorrow quickly and easily

The Best Part?
We don’t even need to hear about your past – no painful rehashing necessary (Vicky’s spirit guide, Efren, can help you heal without you even saying a word)

Here's how it works
Two Hours Just For YOU
We’ll meet on Zoom and chat until you are comfortable, and then Vicky will channel Efren. 
Efren will provide some gentle practical health and healing advice, and perform remote energy healing (with your permission!). He'll then work with you to connect with Spirit and the universe/God so you can release all the pent-up trauma and hurts in your soul (a bit of Soul-Ular surgery, if you will).
He’ll also share some special energetic gifts just for you, that you can use and enjoy at any time, and help you welcome in your Spirit Team.
Then, Sherisse will assist you with gently integrating and aligning with your newly healed and refreshed soul, and answer any questions you may have.

Book Your Session Today!

Who Are Vicky & Sherisse (& Efren?)
Vicky & Sherisse are a powerful duo – a medical intuitive specializing in emotional health and a life coach specializing in helping people take back control of their lives.
And Efren is Vicky’s spirit guide, who she channels, – and the most chill spirit you’ll ever meet!

Efren tells it like it is, gently and firmly (it’s crazy, he just KNOWS exactly how to word things so that it’s not overwhelming and can be absorbed easily and quickly) and then Sherisse takes his high-vibration wisdom and breaks it all down into actionable parts for you.

And, we make our time together feel (mostly) fun and uplifting.

What more could you ask for?

We turn a healing experience into so much more, and allow you to tune into and turn into your best self with no expectations except that you’ll love who you become!


Book Your Session Today!

We only have 5 spots per month available – is one of them yours?

Due to the nature of this work, we have limited availability to take on new clients in any given month.

This means that if you are ready to change your life, you need to take action sooner rather than later.

Heal Your Soul sessions are perfect for you if you are ready to kickstart your HEALING journey and are ready to SHIFT into your brighter future.

Here's what others had to say about their Heal Your Soul Experience:

“When I started the HYS workshop, I was struggling to be totally honest with myself, and my boundaries were still a work in progress. I knew I needed to put myself first, but I wasn’t quite brave enough to do it no matter what. Efren, Sherisse & Vicky made it easy for me to face the things I wasn’t willing to admit to myself, and take those first steps towards reclaiming my confidence and spunk! I’m so glad I booked that first call with the Heal Your Soul team, and I love knowing that they are only a call away if I ever again need a re-alignment of my soul and my brain. Highly recommend them!” – Danielle

“Efren, Sherisse & Vicky, you changed my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I was struggling with my health, my mind, and my spirit before I had my first HYS session, and you guys totally transformed me. After doing the HYS workshop, I am a brand-new woman! I am so much more assured, and secure, and I don’t feel broken down and desperate anymore. I’m ready to experience the good things in life, and I am excited about my future. I am so happy now – thank you!” – Carolyn

“I wasn’t sure what to expect from the HYS workshop. I had taken a few classes with Sherisse in the past and was ready to get to the next level of my journey towards confidence and joy. That first session with Efren, Sheri & Vicky was awesome! I felt heard and supported and loved in a way that I hadn’t before – and as the sessions went on, my self-esteem grew, and I discovered (and rediscovered) my zest for life and the things that make me happy. I’m grateful for having taken the workshop, and I can’t wait to see what comes next for me. Thank you so much.” – Connie

“I have struggled with getting out of my own way and not being able to fully focus on anything for years. I started HYS in hopes that Efren, Sherisse & Vicky would be able to help me overcome my fear of launching my business so that I could actually do it – and it worked! Thanks to their guidance, I was able to release the stories I had been holding onto and get my head and heart working together to create something amazing. I’m now working with a business partner bestie creating a business we both love, and we’ve committed to launching in the next week! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart – this was exactly what I needed.” – Melissa

“I signed up for the HYS workshop when I was at a low point in my life. I was lacking confidence and courage and was bruised from a recent breakup. OMG! It was the best thing I could have ever done for myself!!! Efren, Sheri & Vicky were amazing at gently showing me the truths that I needed to hear, encouraging me to ask for what I wanted instead of hiding in the shadows, and they helped me heal a lot of my struggles. I’m in such a better place because of the work we did together, and I am so grateful for finding them. I’m excited for my future, and I am showing up differently in every area of my life – confidently and securely!” – Ismaela

“When I started the HYS workshop, I was still struggling a bit with putting all the pieces together when it came to loving myself and being kind to myself. Efren, Sherisse & Vicky made the last pieces all click into place and I feel amazing now! I am so self-assured and confident, and my inner child is so at peace, that I find myself showing up differently in every area of my life. Knowing that Efren has my back for everything I’ll ever face in the future is priceless. Thank you!” – Gregoria

It's time to take control of your life - let us guide you AS YOU HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT