Stressed Out To Blissed Out Program


Over the course of 8 weeks, you are going continue to learn how to FINALLY kick your STRESS and ANXIETY to the curb. We’re going to continue to explore the key shifts you need to make in order to heal your relationship with yourself, and create unlimited and expanding possibilities in your life. And, I PROMISE that if you lean into this program, you are going to walk away a changed woman!

This will be a very interactive and intuitive program, and you will have the opportunity to put the ideas we talk about into practice in your life in an easy and fun way!

It’s time to lean into your transformation! It’s time to SHIFT:

?From stressed out and anxious, to blissed out and peaceful!

?From barely living, to being passionate about life!

?From feeling hopeless and overwhelmed, to feeling excited and enthusiastic!

?From being too hard on yourself and critical of your flaws, to rocking self confidence and loving yourself, flaws and all!

?From feeling unsettled and afraid, to easily adjusting to any situation you find yourself in, with dignity and grace!

?From a fear based life, to a life you love; one filled with joy and radiance!

It’s time to discover how effortless it can be to ditch the stress and anxiety for good! I know that’s a bold statement, but what if I’m right? Imagine living a stress free, calm life that you enjoy….it’s time to reach for that life you want.

You are ready to go from STRESSED OUT TO BLISSED OUT! Let’s get you started – simply fill out the information below, and hit checkout to invest in your future!


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What’s included?

  • 1 personal 60 minute coaching session (value $250)
  • 8 weekly 90 minute group coaching calls (value $1,000)
  • Continuing in this Facebook group, so continued access to all the materials we’ve already covered
  • 16 weekly training sessions (value $200+++)
  • Workbooks covering all the materials we have already covered, along with new workbooks for the materials we will be adding (value $200+++)
  • 30 minutes of personal Facebook Messenger support (from me) each week during the program
  • A satisfaction-or-your-money-back guarantee (value $600)
  • The opportunity to book up to 3 extra coaching sessions with me at a 50% discount from my regular rate of $250/hour PLUS (value up to $375)
  • The ability to roll the full value of this investment into a private one-on-one coaching program at any point during the group program, WITH a full credit (no pro-rating), if you find you would rather work one on one with me! (Priceless)

NOTE – Payment is managed by Stripe, and HTTPS security is provided by Siteground. Your data is safe with us!